5 Wedding Picture Ideas You Must Have

Photo by Ali Choubin on Unsplash

The top 5 wedding photo ideas you’ll want to show your photographer

At your wedding, you’ll have a lot of moments worthy of being captured, such as getting ready, the first look with your partner, details of your venue, and more. You also have complete freedom to choose what you want and don’t want to be captured.

Whether you already have a photographer, or you’re looking for some guidance when it comes to wedding photography, this post will help you out. We gathered the best 5 wedding photo ideas that will make your wedding day even more memorable and discussed essential things you should talk about with your photographer to ensure you’re both on the same page.

Key Wedding Picture Details To Discuss Before The Big Day

Your relationship with your wedding photographer is essential to feeling comfortable and relaxed on your big day. You don’t need to be best friends, but we highly recommend you spend time doing your research and looking up some wedding picture ideas to see if those photos can be recreated on your specific venue, with your specific budget, and so on.

Before diving into some wedding photography inspiration, we gathered a brief list of things we encourage you to discuss with your photographer:

  • Must-have photo moments. Which moments do you feel are the most important to capture? For example, cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet, etc.
  • Things you do not want to have portrayed. On your big day, you and your partner should be the center of attention; discuss things you absolutely do not want to have pictures of, such as drunk relatives, a private moment before the ceremony, plus ones or people who are not part of your special circle.
  • Style of your pictures. This is linked to the type of wedding photographer you hire (we recommend you spend the necessary time doing your research and interviews before saying yes to one), and it can influence the final shots of your special moments. For example, an editorial-style wedding photographer may not be able to capture the moody/dark photos you’re looking for.

The style of your pictures not only has to do with how a shot is planned or taken but also how it's edited afterward. If you choose a wedding photography package that does not include editing, you’ll love these beautiful and easy-to-use wedding Lightroom presets.

Wedding Day Photo Ideas (Add This To Your Wedding Planning List!)

We gathered the top wedding picture ideas that will cover all your special moments before and during your ceremony. This is perfect to start familiarizing yourself with the type of pictures taken during a wedding, and although your photographer already knows which photos they must take, you can request a special shot or reduce/increase the number of pictures taken a certain way.

Ready to say yes to the camera? Let’s go!

1. Wedding Accessories & Invitation

Photo by Galuh Hari Setiawan on Unsplash

This is one of the most common and beautiful wedding picture ideas you’ll find. It is a great way to capture the beauty of your accessories chosen for the big day, and the addition of the wedding invitation just gives it an extra touch of elegance.

As you can see, this type of picture can be done with any background, thus the star of the shot is the edition. If you’re a fan of vintage-looking wedding photos, this instant film Lightroom preset will turn all your stunning shots into classic analog pictures.

2. Getting Ready

Photo by Heather Miller on Unsplash

The getting-ready-for-your-wedding photo is one of our favorites and one of the most precious photos you’ll have. If you’re getting ready with the help of friends or family we assure you you’ll want to have this moment documented!

You don’t need to show your face in these pictures, as you can see in the example we chose the bride is being helped by her family, and is a stunning shot on its own.

This picture features a classic photography editing style, which you can easily replicate using this wedding Lightroom preset.

3. Bride Portrait

Photo by Maria Orlova on Unsplash

Having a portrait of yourself on your big day is a must. With all your hair and makeup done and your beautiful dress or attire of your choice, you’ll surely want to remember the moment before your ceremony. You can choose to have a casual-looking photo like the one above or a different style of portrait. 

The editing style used in this picture can be easily applied to your photos with this easy and stunning glamour wedding preset.

4. The First Look

Photo by Fran The Now Time on Unsplash

The first look photo is another one of our favorites. Whether you prefer to have a special moment before the start of the ceremony or surprise yourself while walking down the aisle, you’ll surely want your photographer to capture this moment.

Our natural wedding preset is highly recommended for keeping your photo as closely as it was taken but with a little bit of magic.

5. The Couple Portraits

Photo by Taylor Deas-Melesh on Unsplash

The couple portrait pictures are the perfect way to capture intimate moments with your partner after you say I do. There are many different wedding photography styles you can choose for this, such as a cinematic look like the one above.

If you already have your couple portrait and want to spice it up, check out this stunning black-and-white wedding preset.

Final Words

There are no rules when it comes to wedding photography. You can choose to only have pictures of you and your partner or have absolutely everything photographed; whatever makes you happy is what should matter.

Wedding planning is a lot of work, so we hope you find this post useful for planning your wedding pictures and what to discuss with your photographer before the big day.

Many people choose to hire a photographer but edit the pictures themselves, and this is excellent for saving money and being able to play around with filters. If this is your case, we have a curated selection of wedding presets you can easily apply to your photos and videos.