Pixmellow is your primary destination for some of the best presets for your work. 

Access hundreds of free Lightroom Presets for your mobile and desktop. We are here to help take your photos to the next level, while also speeding up your workload in a creative way.

We started Pixmellow because we are editors ourselves and we know how challenging it can be to work on a project. If you want to keep a consistent look for your photos, it’s challenging to do that with one picture at a time. Using presets and templates is not only easier and more convenient, it helps save time and effort, while pushing the creative boundaries as well. 

Our commitment is to always pushing the limits and delivering an innovative set of presets and templates to make that happen. We think that it’s possible to show your personality through images, and you can establish an extraordinary aesthetic sense. 

Additionally, all these presets and templates we provide are creative, empowering tools that will help you save time on your graphic design, color grading and many others. The main focus is to speed up your work, make more money and use the time you saved on projects that you really enjoy. Browse our store today for great presets and templates, and if you have any questions or suggestions about new free/paid templates we can add to our store, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.