How To Choose The Best Lightroom Preset For Your Pictures

Photo by Tia on Unsplash

The best 3-step guide to successfully select Lightroom presets anytime you need

Lightroom presets are lifesaving when it comes to reducing time editing and ensuring excellent results on any image you want to highlight. Choosing the best one, though, is sometimes a difficult task, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced Lightroom advocate.

In this post, we’ll share an easy 3-step guide for choosing the best Lightroom presets, as well as important things you should consider when using Lightroom.

Decide The Style You Want Your Pictures To Have

Before you start playing around with your picture’s settings, it is recommended that you spend some time deciding which style you want your pictures to have.

You can follow a specific aesthetic or change the colors of your photo completely; you can think about doing a series of pictures that follow the same color palette; or you can let your creativity loose and try out different styles until you’ve found one that works for you.

Whatever you decide, bear in mind that Lightroom presets almost always need a little bit of adjusting for each picture. You might need to enhance or decrease the amount of light, shadows, temperature, and similar.

Familiarize Yourself With Lightroom

You don’t need to be a Lightroom expert, but having a basic understanding of the software or its mobile version can be of great help when choosing the best Lightroom preset.

Bear in mind that the mobile version and the desktop software have a few different settings, so if you don’t have a specific section of Lightroom in the tutorial you’re watching, you’re probably not learning about the version you have.

Understand what each setting does and how it can affect your image. There are many tutorials available online that can help you with this.

Once you know how to easily use Lightroom, you’re ready to find the best Lightroom presets for your gallery.

Use Only High-Quality Lightroom Presets

There are millions of Lightroom presets you can choose from, but very few are considered high-quality. This has to do with the type of settings they have if they’re optimal for all kinds of pictures and similar.

Choosing the best Lightroom preset takes time and a lot of practice, but one thing you can do to minimize the amount of time spent looking is choosing reliable sites that offer quality presets.

Pixmellow for example, has a wide catalog of the best Lightroom presets you can use for any picture you have, and they guarantee excellent results every time.

Final Words

In this post, we talked about how to choose the best Lightroom preset, including key factors to consider.

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