How To Monetize Your Pinterest: Earn Money With Your Pins!

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3 ways to earn money with your Pins + the secret tool all Pinterest influencers use to create aesthetic content

Did you know you can make money on Pinterest and turn it into your side hustle or full-time job? Some people dedicate their time to creating and posting Pins and earn a good amount of money, and in this post, we’ll show you how they do it.

We gathered the top 3 ways creators are making money on Pinterest that you can implement as well, whether you have a big following or just starting out on the platform.

Plus, key tips and secrets your favorite influencers are using to make their Pins look extra inspiring and aesthetic.

How Do You Actually Make Money On Pinterest?

There are various ways you can monetize your Pinterest such as you’d do with other platforms, such as Instagram. Remember that Pinterest is the go-to place for most people looking to start a new project, or find inspiration or ideas to recreate, therefore they’re most likely to see a whole bunch of content before exiting the app, which means brands can take advantage of this.

Further, since you can add a link to your Pins, it is very easy for people to discover your website and engage with your content elsewhere, possibly becoming loyal customers.

All you need to start posting on the app is a good camera (your phone for example), some ideas and quality Pinterest presets to easily make your photos look professional.

With all of this said, let’s break down the different ways you can earn money with your Pins and make the most out of your viral Pinterest photos.

Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships (also known as sponsored content) are one of the top ways to make money on Pinterest, and they involve partnering with a brand to create content with a direct link to their website so your audience can easily check it out.

These collaborations are paid and benefit creators a lot thanks to the free exposure they get from the brand.

If you’re new to content creation in general, you can get approached by brands if your profile and content are relevant, or you can create a media kit and start pitching yourself to brands.

When you publish a Pin under this modality, you’ll have to tag the brand partners with the paid partnership tool and wait for the brand to approve the request.

Affiliate Partnerships

Affiliate partnerships are similar to sponsored content, but instead of getting paid once for the publication, you add an affiliate link to your Pins and earn money when users click on that Pin to discover the brand’s website and purchase what you’re promoting.

The more you promote the brand, the more chances you have of people purchasing it through your link. This option is great for those with a small following looking to expand their network and collaborate with more brands in the future.

Drive Traffic To Your Blog

If you have an established blog with products or services you sell, you can drive traffic from your Pinterest and introduce your audience to a whole new world of content.

Most of the time, it is easier to get people to visit a specific website through a Pin, rather than make them type word for word by themselves. This has to do with the visual aesthetic factor, and Pinterest is the best place to make the most out of this.

You don’t need to be the best photographer or invest a lot of money to get the most likely-to-be viral Pinterest photo. There’s a secret tool all your favorite influencers are using and keeping to themselves, but since we want you to finish this post and have all the tips and tricks to start monetizing your Pinterest, we’ll tell you what it is: Pinterest presets.

Pinterest presets are a set of adjustments you apply to your photo to give it a specific look, for example, a film camera look. The thing with presets is that you don’t need to know how to use Lightroom (the app where presets are used) or spend hours following instructions. You simply add the preset to your dashboard, copy the adjustments, and paste it into all of your photos.

Key Tips For Monetizing Your Pinterest

As we’ve explained above, monetizing your Pinterest is not hard, but what many creators struggle with is getting a brand’s attention. We compiled the best tips and secrets to make brands overflow your inbox with partnership opportunities:

  • Define your audience and your content. Pinterest is one of the most used apps for niche communities looking for inspiration, and the more defined your content is and tailored to a specific audience, the more likely you’ll succeed.
  • Pay attention to aesthetics. Pinterest is the app for aesthetic content, meaning that to have viral Pins, you have to make them look desirable, inspiring, and achievable. The easiest way to do this is by using Pinterest presets. You can change the look of your pictures with just 1 click!
  • Create a quality and original media kit. A media kit is your presentation card for brands and includes relevant information such as your Pinterest metrics, samples of your content, average prices, and what you can offer as a creator in general. Make sure you choose a nice template that aligns with your content and showcases a bit of your personality to have more chances of partnering with brands.

Final Words

In this post, we talked about how to monetize your Pinterest and the different options you can opt for as a creator. Plus, key tips for making better content and getting a brand’s attention.

Pinterest is a great platform for earning money, and various options suit a wide range of creators, preferences, and needs. What’s great about Pinterest is how easily it can drive people to another website, so don’t hesitate to add your blog or your social media link to advertise yourself. 


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