New To Photography? Use Our 5 Essential Tips To Take Stunning Photos

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Become a pro photographer with these tips and start using the same tools your favorite photographers are using

Photography is a beautiful hobby and career that stimulates creativity and allows you to capture memorable moments from a different perspective. There are no rules when it comes to taking pictures, but if you’re looking for some guidance to improve your shots, this post will help you out.

We gathered the top 5 tips to take better pictures that have to do with key topics, including your equipment, editing, creativity, and more. Further, we uncover the secret tools your favorite photographers and creators are using that turn their common pictures into award-winning shots.

1. Use A High-Quality Camera/Phone

If you want to take better pictures you need a quality camera or phone; you don’t need the most expensive one or the one with a million buttons, just a simple HD camera with basic tools like zoom, exposure lock, panoramic view, and similar.

There are many different affordable cameras available on the market, and we highly encourage you to consider buying a used one as well. What matters here is that the camera is in good condition and features a high-quality lens.

For those using their phone, make sure you change the camera settings to the highest quality possible for best results. Bear in mind that the higher quality your photos are, the more storage they will occupy, so make sure you have extra storage or take the time to delete the shots you’re not going to use later.

2. Invest In Specialized Equipment If Needed

If you’re a beginner or someone with a tight budget, you don’t need to have the biggest collection of equipment to take better pictures. There are some things, though, that are worth investing in, such as a tripod, an extra battery, and a different lens. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these:

  • Tripod. Never underestimate the power of a tripod! It is excellent for taking group pictures, landscape shots, and filming cinematic videos. There are plenty of tripods you can choose from depending on your budget, preferences, and needs, including tall tripods, and small flexible ones.
  • Extra battery. Did you know the average photographer carries 3-4 extra batteries every time they have a photoshoot? Even the fanciest camera runs out of battery after a few hours, so it is wise to invest in an extra one if you’re planning on taking a lot of pictures. If you’re going on a trip, make sure you carry an extra battery with you at all times!
  • Different lenses. Sometimes it is not about how to take a better photo but rather which lens can give you the look you’re going for. Depending on the lens you have, your subject may appear closer, your background more neat and “present” in the image, and more.

3. Try New Things

One of the best photography tips is to try new things. Play around with your camera settings and your angles until you discover something you like. Use Pinterest for inspiration and to get your creative juices flowing; sometimes you just need a little push to allow new ideas to appear.

A great way of implementing this is using the rule of thirds, which involves dividing your shot into three equal parts (vertically and horizontally) and placing your subject on one of these parts, leaving the other two open.

This will make your shot more interesting and is excellent for allowing the background to stand out. A tripod can also help with trying new things, especially if you’re looking to experiment with different angles!

4. Learn To Direct The Shot

Sometimes, the shot doesn’t end up as expected because you didn’t communicate with the subject. Another basic photography tip you should have in mind is to learn to direct the shot and communicate your ideas.

Simple directions such as “look this way”, “put your arm around the dog”, or “walk away and look back” can massively improve the final picture, and it will also help you take your idea from your brain to real life.

Remember that not all people feel comfortable in front of a camera, and not everyone knows what to do or how to implement directions, so be patient and demonstrate what you’re saying if necessary.

5. Find Your Editing Style

Little is talked about the importance of finding your editing style after taking your pictures. Have you ever liked a picture you took but thought “maybe with a little editing it can be better?”, in photography, the same rule applies.

There are many different editing software and apps that you can use to make your pictures stand out, and did you know all photographers use the same secret tools to do this? They’re called Lightroom presets.

Lightroom or photography presets are a set of adjustments that give a photo or video a specific look, for example, a vintage film camera look. What’s great about photography presets is that they can completely transform your photos in a matter of seconds, and without you having to learn how to edit like a pro.

We have a broad catalog of Lightroom presets, and you can search for the ones your favorite creators are using depending on their niche, such as travel presets, wedding presets, and influencer presets.

Final Words

In this post, we talked about the top 5 photography tips to take better pictures in 2024, including key topics such as the selection of your equipment, experimenting, and editing.

This last one is by far one of the most important ones in photography, thus you can quickly turn around a picture and make it ten times better. There are different programs you can use to edit your pictures and we found the most complete and easy to use to be Lightroom. With this app (available for your phone and desktop) you can copy and paste photography presets and give your photos a whole new look. 


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