The BEST Travel Lightroom Presets For Your Photos

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

Want to edit your pictures like travel influencers and bloggers? This article is for you 

There’s nothing better than taking pictures of places you visit. Somehow, they always turn out better than the photos we take on a daily basis, even though we do not edit them at all.

But sometimes, you want certain colors to pop or you simply want your travel pictures to look cohesive thanks to the way you adjust certain settings.

To make your life easier, we gathered our three most beloved travel Lightroom presets you should know about to take your pictures to the next level in literally seconds.

Blue-Toned Travel Preset

If you love going to the beach or the cold snow then you probably want to opt for a blue-toned editing package. Our travel lightroom mobile and desktop presets are perfect for really making the blues in your pictures stand out as well as other vibrant colors but always keeping a cohesive look.

This preset will help you achieve a cinematographic-inspired result without having to use expensive equipment or having to hire the most skilled photo editor on the planet

It works great on greens and yellows, meaning that this Lightroom mobile preset won’t alter other colors just to make the blue ones pop.

Beach Lightroom Preset

Paradise lovers will be thrilled to have this beach Lightroom preset on their phones and desktop at all times.

It will completely transform your pictures and take them from average to successful blog-worthy. You’d be surprised how much your photos can be enhanced, in terms of color, with a simple preset.

Further, you can quickly upload your picture to Lightroom, add the preset and see how it looks in seconds. Say goodbye to spending long hours editing and ending up with a result you’re not satisfied with.

Adventure Lightroom Mobile Preset

This is truly one of the best travel Lightroom presets everyone should know about.

Whether you’re exploring the mountains, enjoying a sunny beach, or diving into the cold snow, this adventure Lightroom preset will enhance all your colors and give you a true movie-like result.

The Lightroom mobile preset does not alter your original colors at all, but simply adjusts them to achieve a professional look as if an award-winning editor would be editing your photos.

Edit Less, Travel More

Whether you want to take your Instagram or blog more seriously or just simply want to have a cohesive feed, having presets is a huge time-saving thing that will allow you to edit less and travel more.

If you take many pictures a day, you don’t have to spend hours adjusting your brightness, saturation, colors, curve, and other settings. Simply add your preset and slightly adjust things if you need to.

Imagine if you spent a few minutes taking your photos and then three hours trying to edit them as the pros do. Pro tip: they use presets too!

Browse our web for more travel Lightroom presets and other categories and start using them today in simple steps.