The Best Video LUTs You Need To Have

Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

Color grading is very important in video editing since it helps correct saturation, temperature, brightness, and other key aspects of a shot to make it look cohesive and professional.

All of this takes a lot of time, but thankfully, there’s a quick solution that will still make your video look incredible without having to spend days editing.

In this post, we’ll talk about some of the best video LUTs we offer that you should definitely check out whether you’re a beginner filmmaker or an experienced editor.

Forest Green Video LUTs

This forest green video LUTs is perfect for footage taken in nature or outdoors, such as wedding videos or capturing animals in their safe environment.

What we love about this preset is its versatility and the unique way it enhances your videos. When you purchase this preset, you’ll get 12 high-quality video LUTs as CUBE files that will help you elevate your editing skills in just minutes.

Premier Pro video LUTs are a filmmaker’s best friend, and you don’t need to be a professional to start using them. If you’re looking to save up time editing or want to quickly change the tone of a video then using video LUTs is the perfect thing to do.

Kodak Video LUTs

Analog-theme videos are very popular right now, and if you love film cameras you’d want to try out this video LUTs. It is one of the bests video LUTs we offer on our website and goes great with any type of footage you have.

Unlike other Premier Pro video LUTs that are oriented to enhancing a specific color or set of colors, this Kodak video LUT can be applied to any video you want, regardless of saturation, brightness, temperature, and more.

Tropical Video LUTs

We just can’t seem to get enough of tropical-inspired videos, and our beloved tropical video LUT can help you enhance your videos in an instant. This Premier Pro video LUT goes excellent with shots taken in nature or near water primarily, but can also become a great asset when filming in a park or similar place.

You just need to download the best video LUTs of the collection you think fit best and start trying them out until you’ve found the perfect one for your scenes.

Where To Find Quality Video LUTs?

In this post, we just mentioned some of our favorite video LUTs of the moment, but if you’re looking for a trustworthy site where you can find more Premier Pro video LUTs, Pixmellow can help

Take a look at our website and explore all of our video LUTs as well as Lightroom photo presets to elevate your photography and filmmaking skills. We have a wide catalog where you can match Premier Pro video LUTs with Lightroom presets so all your videos and photos can have the same aesthetic.