The Top 5 Lightroom Presets

 Photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash

Read about the best presets for Lightroom and download the top 5 free most-searched ones now.

Lightroom presets are widely known across the world as the number one editing solution for photographers, lifestyle bloggers, travelers, influencers, and basically any user with access to a phone or a camera. They are simple to download and add incredible looks to your pictures in just a few seconds and without having to manually edit every feature.

For those in need of new and trendy presets, in this article, you can find the top 5 best Lightroom presets that will adapt gracefully to any image you choose, as well as enhance its features and colors depending on the result you want to achieve. Including presets for your everyday photos, special events such as weddings, monochromatic touches, deep dark contrasts as well as trendy aesthetic images, the following edit adjustments will come in handy.

What’s more, all the Pixmellow preset packages contain more than 10 different presets that are very easy to download and paste into the photos you choose. They are accurate and provide a unique and cohesive touch to your camera roll and they are perfect for social media and internet sharing.

Earthy Tones New Lightroom Presets

The earthy tones are highly popular on social media due to the incredibly beautiful warm colors it highlights. These Earthy Tones presets are great for outdoor pictures and photographs taken in natural light; the golden hour is also an amazing combo for these.

With these presets, you can bring and enhance warm tones to achieve a tropical and modern look to your pictures. Further, they are extremely simple to apply to your photographs and are available for both mobile and desktop versions. Earth tones are commonly used for lifestyle, family, and outdoor photography, which will help you edit your photos like a pro within a few seconds and without much effort.

If you want to take your social media accounts or blog more seriously then downloading this first preset mentioned in this top 5 Lightroom presets list is highly advisable. What’s more, Pixmellow offers 13 free Lightroom earthy tones presets ready for you to download and try in your pictures; each has a slight difference that you can use to your advantage depending on the picture you want to edit. They are compatible with Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and compatible with both a Mac and PC.

Minimalist Lightroom Mobile Presets

The minimalist trend is a huge deal on social media, which is based around neutral and monochromatic tones. These minimalist presets by Pixmellow are the best presets for Lightroom because they adapt great to any picture and they are also very easy to use.

If you want to add subtle bright tones, predominantly white, to achieve a minimalist aesthetic then these presets are the right choice for you. They are great for everyday photos as well as product images, so if you have a business or want to start one these presets will come in handy.

They create a professional result without over-editing your photos, so you can forget about looking too edited in your Instagram or blog pictures. What’s more, the minimalist Lightroom presets can completely transform the look of your images in just a few seconds. Our Pixmellow Minimalist Lightroom Presets provide you with 10 different presets you can adapt to your style and play around with.

All are compatible with Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, both a Mac and PC and it is compatible with mobile (iPhone and Android). Don’t pass on the opportunity of editing your pictures like a true professional and download these presets now!

Aesthetic Lightroom Presets

Perhaps the most searched presets on the internet right now are these Aesthetic Lightroom Presets by Pixmellow. They will add a bright, faded, and moody tone to your images as well as a fresh and warm look, which is very trendy nowadays.

These presets make the colors of your picture pop while providing a nice and subtle contrast to keep everything balanced. Further, if you want to have a cohesive social media feed then choosing these presets will benefit you a lot. By downloading the Aesthetic Lightroom Presets by Pixmellow you are guaranteed incredible picture results that don’t require superior editing or photography skills; with just a few clicks you can enhance your image and achieve an incredible result.

Many bloggers, influencers, and entrepreneurs choose these Lightroom presets due to the quick and easy solution they provide, making them look like they have the best photographer in town taking their pictures. The Pixmellow Free Aesthetic Lightroom Presets pack comes with 11 presets ready for you to paste on your pictures and they are all compatible with Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, both a Mac and PC and mobile devices (iPhone and Android).

Wedding Lightroom Presets

Wedding Lightroom presets are extremely looked for online, and they are totally worth the search. Thankfully, our Pixmellow Free Wedding Lightroom Presets package is waiting for you to go download it and try it on all of your engagement and wedding pictures. Including 13 presets that contain professional, clean, color-enhancing features that are specially made for wedding photography, in which you can brighten your picture and add warm and light colors to achieve a dreamy look.

Wedding pictures are all about bright, light colors slightly toward the spectrum of the warm tone that gives a lovely and relaxed vibe, and you can now have this result with just a few clicks. They are a great way to establish a signature look and have a cohesive aesthetic throughout your wedding pictures. This package contains bright presets that create a spotlight effect, focusing on the middle subject, a chrome contrast feature that is excellent for enhancing details, warm color tones, and an old-fashioned gritty appearance for your vintage magazine look.

Our Pixmellow Wedding Lightroom Presets are all ready to use and compatible with the Lightroom Mobile App on your phone (iPhone + Android), Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, Classic CC & CC.

Moody Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets

The last preset package on this top 5 lightroom presets list is the Pixmellow Moody Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets, which are focused on dark and undertone colors, excellent for adding a deep contrast to your pictures.

Moody presets are commonly used for travel images, mostly containing rivers or mountains, as well as for videography that needs to have a rich toning look. What’s more, the presets also add a film-like effect to any image you choose in just a few seconds and without having to spend hours searching for tutorials or using multiple apps to achieve this look.

The Pixmellow Moody Lightroom Presets are free to download and come with 14 different Lightroom presets you can play around with until you find the perfect one for your photographs. All are compatible with Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, compatible with both a Mac and PC, and with mobile (iPhone and Android). Choosing these presets will guarantee you an incredible result as well as a cohesive and admirable organization.

Top 5 Lightroom Premium Presets Free Final Words

In this article, you can find the top 5 best presets for Lightroom that are very popular on social media but not overused. From lifestyle, blogging, business, and more, all of these presets can grant your pictures an incredible and unique look.

The most important thing is that they are free to download and the packages come with more than 10 presets each, which will fit any picture you take. They are one-of-a-kind presets with determined aesthetics that can easily adapt and be adjusted if necessary.

If you want to elevate your pictures you need to start using Lightroom presets, and Pixmellow offers thousands of free resources you can start using today. For those new to the Lightroom presets game, here you can read all about them, including what they are, how to use them, and why they are so popular these days. And for those who are looking for more Lightroom presets, feel free to check Pixmellow’s entire catalog here.

I’m sure you’ll find your desired look in no time, and using Pixmellow’s presets is a one-way trip to success and professional photo editing, but with the incredible joy of just having to spend only a few seconds adjusting your image!