Top Lightroom Presets For Summer Pics

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

The best Lightroom presets for your summer photos you’ll ever need

Taking pictures in summer just hits differently, and we have the perfect set of presets you can use over and over again to achieve a cohesive and professional look on your Instagram or any other platform.

In this post, we’ll share the top 3 summer Lightroom presets for different types of pictures and aesthetics, so you can choose the best one for you. Once you start using Lightroom presets we guarantee you won’t use any other editing software again, or spend countless hours trying to achieve the results you want.

INSTA SUMMER Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets

We’re in love with this Lightroom preset for summer due to its simplicity and incredible results. It is perfect for beach and mountain pictures, and it is very simple to use.

What’s more, you can either apply the preset on your mobile phone or desktop, which is great for editing large quantities of photos.

This Insta Summer Lightroom Preset is ideal for blue-toned photos since it enhances the color, as well as pictures with light-colored backgrounds. It also works perfectly in green-toned shots.

Click here to learn more about the present and how you can easily start using it.

Summer Dream Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets

If you’re looking for a classic, film-inspired summer Lightroom preset, we have the perfect one for you.

This Summer Dream Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Preset is among our favorites, and one of the most used presets too. It is the go-to option for people with white aesthetics and pictures with a predominance of white.

It enhances light colors and enhances pictures like no other Lightroom preset for summer does.

If you’re interested in starting using this summer Lightroom preset, here you can learn more.

Vintage Summer Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets

The last Lightroom preset for summer we’re going to include in this list is our Vintage Summer Lightroom Preset.

It has pink and orange undertones and goes great with pictures taken in the desert and the sand, as well as autumn-colored mountains. It is the best Lightroom preset for achieving a warm and cohesive Instagram feed with all the pictures you love.

Many brides and travelers use this preset to enhance white tones and give their pictures a soft, bronzed, and inviting look.

Here you can learn more about the preset, how to use it, what includes, and more.

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