Top 3 Lightroom Presets You Can Start Using Today & Elevate Your Photos

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

The top 3 Lightroom mobile presets you need for your Instagram or blog!

Lightroom presets are perhaps one of the greatest things that happened related to editing pictures. With just one preset, you can easily turn your average-looking photo into one that looks like the best photographer in the world took it.

We want to help you elevate your photos, and you don’t need to have the fanciest shooting equipment or the best location, but simply your phone or computer and Lightroom presets.

Keep on reading to find out which presets are being used the most that you should always have in your Lightroom app.

Travel Lightroom Preset

If you’re someone who loves to travel and take pictures, or you’re looking to start taking better pics for your Instagram or blog, using a travel Lightroom preset is highly recommended.

Lightroom mobile and desktop presets make a huge difference when it comes to elevating your photos since they can perfectly enhance certain colors and aspects.

Plus, they are perfect for saving up time editing, thus you only need to apply the preset to all your photos. You might need to make small adjustments but that's nothing compared to full-editing all your travel camera roll.

Summer Lightroom Preset

Depending on which season you take (or upload) your pictures, the preset you use may vary. This is related to the dominant color palette and temperature of your photos, which if taken in summer or winter, can fluctuate a lot.

Having a handy-dandy Insta summer Lightroom preset under your sleeve is the key to perfect pictures every time. And you don’t even need to have the most expensive camera or the greatest photography skills.

Lightroom mobile presets, as well as those for desktop, can truly make your photos look like the best photographer in the world took and edited them.

Blogger Lightroom Preset

The last highly recommended Lightroom preset you can start easily using today is the minimal black Lightroom preset many bloggers use on their pictures.

It is perfect for quickly editing your photos without altering any major colors as well as creating a cohesive feed on Instagram or your website.

The minimal aesthetic is widely popular and will help you establish an appealing look to all your photos without having to take them the same or with similar backgrounds/colors.

How To Use Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are very easy to use. Simply download the DNG file that your preset comes with and import it into Lightroom. Once that is done, use the preset in your filters section for all the photos you want.

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